Sampson Edward Ball b. Nov 1779 Midway, Liberty, Georgiad. 1 Sep 1829 St Francisville, West Feliciana, Louisiana        
  Jessie Warren Ball b. 15 Nov 1808 Midway, Liberty, Georgiad. 3 Mar 1880 Sandy Hook, Marion, Mississippi        
        John Warren b. 1725 Saint James, Santee, South Carolinad. 5 Mar 1782 Brunswick, Virginia
      John Elias Warren b. 18 Dec 1752 Craven, South Carolinad. 22 May 1821 Sandy Hook, Marion, Mississippi    
        Martha Dubose b. 1730 St James, Santee, South Carolinad. 1 Oct 1831 Liberty, Georgia
    Elizabeth Warren b. 25 Jan 1783 Liberty, Georgiad. 2 Dec 1816 Marion, Mississippi      
        Rees Perkins b. 1729 Prince Fred Par, South Carolinad. 26 May 1767 Charleston, Swain, North Carolina
      Elizabeth Perkins b. 5 Apr 1757 Prince Fredrick Parish, Winyaw, South Carolinad. 22 Jul 1811 Sandy Hook, Marion, Mississippi    
        Elizabeth Colson b. 1733 d. 1768

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